Janice Dunham's Kitchen - Events

Fall is here and all the Holidays have arrived in the stores at the same time... 
Time to restock your beer, wine, and fruit jelly supply!

Frozen Winter Back Yard B.B.Q's, Picnics and camping trips call for Wine Jelly Fruit Tarts, PB&J Sandwiches or Beer Jelly as a glaze on your meats and vegetables on the BBQ!!!

Please feel free to order your jams, jellies, spices, and baking mixes for your everyday or holiday...

Janice Dunham's Kitchen




Janice Dunham's Kitchen
will be at:

Tree House Brewery
October 19th

West Brookfield Elementary School
Vendor & Craft Fair
Saturday, November 2nd

Open Barn Event @ The Hardwick Winery
November 23rd & 24th

Ware High School Craft Fair
Saturday, December 7th

Janice Dunham's Kitchen is always available at

Hardwick Vineyard and Winery
3305 Greenwich Road
Hardwick, MA

Lost And Found Mercantile
85 Main St.
Ware, MA

Phoenix Fruit Farm Country Store
401 MillVAlley Road
Belchertown, MA

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