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Fresh Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips
1-2 cups Fresh Strawberries Chopped
1 cup of each Fresh Blueberries, and Blackberries (Whole or crushed)
3-4 Heaping Tablespoons Wine Jelly
2-3 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
Cinnamon and Sugar

Mix berries, wine jelly, and ground cinnamon. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Butter one side of the tortilla and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top until covered. Cut into triangles and place on ungreased baking sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes.

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Beer Jelly Spread
8 oz Package Cream Cheese or Farmers Cheese Softened
1/2 (6 oz) Jar Beer Jelly (Suggested flavors: That's What She Said, Julius, Sap)

Instructions: Whip the softened cream cheese.  Place on a serving dish or in a serving bowl and pour desired amount of jelly on top about half a jar per 8 oz of cream cheese.  More jelly can be added as needed.
Serve with pretzels and or crackers


Roasted or Grilled Asparagus
Asparagus Spears
1 (6 oz or 10 oz) Jar Beer Jelly (Suggested Flavors: Sap, Julius, Lights On, Bear)
Course Sea Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

For roasting: Drizzle Olive Oil on a baking dish.  Add asparagus spears drizzle a little oil on top sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and pepper on top. Roast in a 350°F oven until soft and a light brown on edges. Drop a couple spoonfuls of jelly on top of hot asparagus and mix around coating the asparagus as the jelly melts.

For Grilling: Coat the asparagus in olive oil sprinkle with salt and pepper. Melt a couple spoonfuls of jelly and while grilling brush or drizzle the melted jelly on top (Beer jelly glaze is also available which is ready to pour out the jar). Once the asparagus is done place in a bowl with the last of the melted jelly coat one last time and serve hot.

(Other vegetable suggestions for grilling or roasting with jelly: eggplant, squash, onions, carrots)

Glazed Carrots
1 pound of carrots (peeled and cut to bite size pieces)
3-4 Tablespoons Beer Jelly or Glaze (Suggested Flavors: That's What She Said, Sap, Julius, Lights On)
2-3 Tablespoons butter

Steam carrots to desired tenderness then place in a saute pan with butter and 3-4 Tablespoons beer jelly. Cook over low heat until butter and jelly are well melted and coating the carrots. Serve hot and enjoy...

2.5 Pounds Ground Meat 
2-3 Tablespoons Beer Jelly
1 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 Tablespoon Minced Onion
1 Tablespoon Chopped Garlic

Mix ingredients all together and press into hamburger patties and cook to desired doneness.

1 -2 pounds Meat for grilling
1 (6 oz) Jar Beer Jelly or Glaze (Suggested Flavors: That's What She Said, Good Morning, Sap, Julius, Green, Haze, etc...)

Place meat on the grill over low - medium heat for slow grilling. Top each piece of meat with Jelly or Glaze and let cook until desired temperature...

Glazed Salmon with Sage

1-2 (4oz) Salmon Filet
3-4 Fresh Sage Leaves
2 Tablespoons Oil
2 Tablespoons Butter
2-3 Tablespoons beer or wine jelly

Pan sear the salmon in the oil once almost cooked add the butter and jelly drizzle butter and jelly over the salmon until salmon is cooked through.
Remove salmon from pan add sage to butter and jelly and fry-up.
Top salmon with glaze and Sage leaves and enjoy.


Jelly Filled Croissant (these are good for breakfast too)
1/2 Jar of Janice Dunham's Kitchen Jelly/Jam (recommend any of the wine or fruit flavors)
4 oz block of softened Cream Cheese
1 package refrigerated croissant dough (Like Pillsbury rolled croissant dough)

Mix or beat together the jelly/jam with the softened cream cheese.
Unroll the croissants onto parchment paper in the middle of each croissant place one large marble size ball of the cream cheese mixture. Pinch the croissant dough closed around the cream cheese jelly mixture.
place in the oven at the temperature and time stated on the croissant dough package bake for the shortest time listed.

Click on the picture to take you to a slide show of how to make the croissants.

Ice Cream Topping
Favorite Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream
Spoonfuls of Double Shot Beer Jelly

Leave the jelly on top or mix together grab a spoon and enjoy...

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